Richeese Nabati Achieved the Top Brand Award in 2014

Richeese Nabati Achieved the Top Brand Award in 2014

Richeese Nabati Wafer Keju, one of the best products from PT. Kaldu Sari Nabati Indonesia, has took home the Top Brand Award 2014 again for the cheese wafer category. The Top Brand Award 2014 was held by Majalah Marketing and Frontier Consulting Group. Then for this year, it was divided into two phases. The first phase was held on 5 to 7 February while the second one was held on 16 July at Mulia Hotel, Senayan, Jakarta. The event was attended by Mrs. Marie Elka Pangestu, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of Republic Indonesia.

TOP Brand Award is an award that is given to TOP level brands. This award is given based on the assessment from national-scale survey results done under the management of Frontier Consulting Group. By having a numerous categories, Frontier Consulting Group had divided the survey into three phases in a year. It makes TOP Brand Survey to be the biggest survey omnibus with very high number of respondents in a year.

Until the end of 2013, TOP Brand Survei has involved more than 12,500 respondents in eight big cities and recorded almost 500 product categories and produced more than 1,000 brands that receive TOP predicates.
TOP Brand Award is given to brands with certain categories, they are:
1. Brands which get minimum 10% of TOP Brand Index, AND
2. Brands which get top three positions in their product category according to the survey result.

Those criterias should be gotten by a brand so that they can be awarded TOP Brand predicate. By having these two criteria, there is a chance for maximum three brands which can get the TOP Brand predicate in one product category.
After all, this award was not only outcome of Nabati Super Team’s hardwork but also because of the customers’ loyalty.

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