Richeese Factory Targets 50 Outlets This Year

Richeese Factory Targets 50 Outlets This Year

According to Marketing Communication of Richeese Factory, Fahmi Ristianty, until now there are 23 outlets in several cities, such as Jakarta, Tangerang, Bogor, Bandung, Surabaya, and West Karawang.

“We will continue to expand to other cities to be 50 outlets in 2014,” Fahmi said when attending Media Gathering of Richeese Factory in Buah Batu Street Bandung, on Wednesday (05/07/2014).

Fahmi said that it is a proof that Richeese Factory consistently gives appreciation to the customers in order to make the restaurant which has been in existed for three years becomes easily reached. “The purpose of continuing to develop Richeese Factory is to give the appreciation to customers who is range of 16-22 years old in order to make them can find the Richesse Factory location easily. to be more easily reachingits location,” she explained.

One favorite menu of Richeese Factory is Fire Wings which is served in a variety of spiciness level. “The spiciness level is of 0 to 5. If you like spicy food, then you should really try the level five,” said Fahmi.
Fire Wings are wrapped chicken wings with barbeque sauce. Then it’s served with cheese sauce.

“All Richeese Factory dishes are served with cheese sauce. It is our characteristic. For Fire Wings, we use imported chili,” she explained.

On that occasion, the third anniversary, Richeese Factory held a celebration by inviting children from an orphanage. “We invited 30 orphans to cut the tumpeng and eat together,” he said.

Richeese Factory cooperates with WVI (World Vision Indonesia) to hold a charity activities in each transaction customer made. She said the charity is done by setting aside IDR 1,000 for each transaction combo pack 5 in Richeese Factory. “Making a donation is for being useful to many people, especially children,” said Fahmi.


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