Richeese Factory, not an ordinary fast food

Richeese Factory, not an ordinary fast food

Fast-food restaurant business in Indonesia enlivened by the presence of Richeese Factory. Although it’s only 3 years old, Richeese Factory is ready to make an expansion by opening some outlets in several cities in Indonesia. Currently, Richeese Factory has had 23 outlets in several cities such as Jakarta, Tangerang, Bogor, Bandung, Surabaya and West Karawang.

“We will continue to expand to other cities so that it can reach 50 outlets in 2014,” said Fahmi Ristianty, Marketing Communication of PT. Richeese Kuliner Indonesia, in the Richeese Factory 3rd anniversary celebration media gathering in Buah Batu Street, on Wednesday (7/5).

Fahmi added, Richeese Factory target market is for students aged 16-22 years. The dishes are also very easy to favour with an affordable price. One favourite menu in Richeese Factory is Fire Wings, chicken wings wrapped with barbeque sauce with level 0 to level 5 spiciness and served with cream cheese sauce. “Unlike other competitors, Richeese Factory menu is always served with cream cheese sauce,” said Fahmi again.

Several other menus that have unique taste is Richeese Cake which consists of Original Cheese, Red Velvet, Green Tea, Opera and Rainbow. There are also Richeese Fried Chicken, Chicken Sandwiches, Cheesy Wedges Barbeque and drinks like Richoco Drink, Pink Lava and fruitarians Vegetable Tea.

In its 3rd anniversary celebration, Richeese Factory works together with WVI (World Vision Indonesia) to hold a charity activities by setting aside IDR 1000 for each transaction of Combo 5. “Richeese Factory’s support is to provide a tool of educational games for 20 children in the study group in Sekadau, West Kalimantan and 1000 toddlers,” said Fahmi. This charity activities was carried out by the giving support to the representatives of WVI in the celebration event at the Richeese outlet in Buah Batu Bandung. It was attended by dozens of orphans of Aziziyah orphanage.


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